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All types of Oriental sweets, such as: burma, all types of baklava, bird’s nest, rocher, arosa nasrawaya - a unique and exclusive product, ma’amoul.

Telephone: 04-646-3096



Machroum Sweets
Achmed Machroum came to Nazareth in 1988 with his family and founded the Achmed Machroum sweet shop, which became a local success. The large bakery sells baklava that has garnered a reputation as being the best in the area, burma, knaffeh (there’s also a version with pine nuts), basbusa, harissa, and many more tasty delights.
Achmed Machroum Sweets “Alnaboulsi”
Address: Iksal Street, Nazareth


Almuchtar Sweets
In 1967 the Ouda family came to Nazareth and opened the first Almuchtar Sweets shop. A lot of rose water has flowed through the Nazareth knaffeh since, and the place has become a local empire.
Almuchtar has a huge variety of sweet pastries, particularly its famous knaffeh in various versions, baklava, bird’s nest, patir - sheets of dough with cheese or sachleb, “raibeh” cookies, and more tasty pastries straight from the bakery ovens under the shop.
Address: Paulus HaShishi Street, Nazareth City Center

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