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Our House

Our building (Michel House) was originally built in the 18th century by Mr. Tanos Kawer, the first mayor of Nazareth (1875-1886), as a residential building on the top floor and as a guest house on the ground floor for visitors that would come from all over the continent. The arch in the middle of the street is called “Sibat Kawer” and it connected the men’s section “zalamalek” and the women’s section “haramalik”, and the servants would pass from one section to another above the arch.
The men’s section, “zalamalek”, was recently acquired by the Abu Nassar family. The mother is considered to be Tanos Kawer’s granddaughter. The section underwent extensive renovations and became a guest house with 8 rooms and an abundance of balconies and seating areas that leave guests with sweet and unforgettable memories.
The house is named after Michel, who grew up as an orphan. As a young child he would come with his mother and visit relatives (the Kawer family), play marbles, and like every child was given sweets and tasty food, which is why we called it Michel House.
The rooms are named after Michel’s closes relatives: his sister Samira, his wife Afaf, his daughter Katy, his mother-in-law Rose, and more 


Why Nazareth

Nazareth is currently the largest Arab city in Israel and an important tourist, cultural, and economic center. Thousands of visitors come to the city each year to enjoy a multisensory experience, the tourist attractions, and mainly the special charm that causes us all to fall in love with the city anew.
For those on a diet or counting calories, Nazareth is probably not the wisest destination. The hummus, falafel, tehina, grilled meat, the incredible selection of salads like tabouleh, and of course, the unique alcoholic beverage Arak, and desserts like knaffeh, baklava, and kataif have placed Nazareth on the global culinary map. Many international experts come especially to taste and visit Nazareth and go back home with unforgettable memories.
Recently, a 4-day hiking trail that starts in Nazareth and ends in Kfar Nachum (Capernaum) was built. The trail, called the Jesus Trail, brings thousands of tourists from around the world to experience firsthand what is written in the New Testament, and it is highly recommended for nature and history lovers.


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 Nazareth is a city with an impressive history and international religious significance, where according to Christian tradition, Mary received the Annunciation in this city, and it is where Jesus was born and raised. In recent years, and with the Pope’s visit, the city has undergone impressive development and has become a bustling tourist attraction. Nazareth is full of religious-historical sites and the old city boasts a one of a kind market and unique atmosphere. The city currently offers visitors an exciting experience, superb hospitality, and a culinary celebration of flavors.
Until 150 years ago, the city’s wealthy and distinguished residents lived in the old city of Nazareth, now known as “the market”. At the time there was no electricity or running water like we have today, and of course there were no cars, so water would be brought in from the spring or well or water reservoir inside the house. Shopping would be done at the market or from the shops, and deliveries would be made on camels or donkeys, which is why it’s difficult to find a place to park because the width of the roads was planned according to the width of a camel with the goods he carried into the old city from Lebanon or Syria. 





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